Moth Monday Returns: Indian Meal Moth

Spring comes early in Southern California. Still this lepidopteran is a year-round visitor. I found it in the cabinet where I keep my bird seed, pet food, and other dry goods. Fortunately it seems to be a singleton since the caterpillars of this species can do real damage to such products (hence the name).

Brown/tan moth in cabinet
Indian Meal Moth, Hodges#6019 Plodia interpunctella
Irvine, California, 2009-02-09

Thanks to Charley Eiseman for the ID.

3 Responses to “Moth Monday Returns: Indian Meal Moth”

  1. Mark Mascolino Says:

    Had some of these show up in our flour pot once…that was bad news.

  2. Ken Januski Says:

    There is never just ONE meal moth. We’ve had them on and off for last few years. And I’m sure that the source was the same as yours: bird seed! Pherome traps made a dent in their population, but we keep buying bird seed and then start the problem all over again.

  3. Ken Januski Says:

    Correcting the address for my website above.

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