Red-eared Slider

Baby turtle in hand

Red-eared Slider, Trachemys scripta elegans, Prospect Park. 2007-05-25

These are common in Prospect Park and other New York area parks. They’re not native. The colonies are all the results of released pets. These cute little guys grow into much larger turtles, and turtles just can’t hold a child’s interest as long as a dog or cat.

In many places, they’re crowding out the native turtles. I rarely see any other turtle species in Prospect Park these days.

I found this one standing on the sidewalk:


The pattern of spots on the bottom of the shell is distinctive:


157 Responses to “Red-eared Slider”

  1. Jack Says:

    Is this a good red ear slider turtle caresheet? It looks good – has anyone seen it?

  2. Emma Says:

    My brother just got a red eared slider and i am soooooooooooooo confused:( They are soooooooo cute but veryyyyyy hard to take care of pls help i want to give them away to a pet store so they are happy, healthy, and ALIVE so pls give me Any pointers or ideas thanku and i need them by monday oh and one of them is sick so should i BRING IT TO THE PETSTORE? or KEEP THEM AND HAVE THEM DIE VERY SOON THEY ARE SICK:(

  3. Emma Says:

    Guys pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emma amazing! Says:

    I need hepl! My bro got 2 red eared sliders and they fight ALOT:( Waht do i do? They r REALLY little and i dont want 1 of them 2 get hurt! PLs help really soon! Thannks!

    -Emma Amazing! (My last name is actually amazing isnt that kool) LOL

  5. Emma amazing! Says:

    Hey Guys well I am just wondering can red eared sliders breathe under water cuz i have a 10 gallon tank but am filling it up only half way i dont want them 2 drown!:( Hepl and i know i have A LOT of questions!!!! PLEASE HELP

  6. Eva Johnson Says:

    I just found a turtle about the size of a half dollar two days ago and it’s shell is soft and i don’t know what to do plus on top of that it won’t eat and I have no clue what to do.

  7. jamie Says:

    hey i dont know what to do because my step dada got me 2 turtles and it is really small like the size of my thumb…..and it wont eat AT ALLLL!!! and im really worried not only cuz its baby cuz it might die :( i have a tank and rocks where they can go on land and a fake plant but they always hide underneath the plant i dont kno if their girls or boys!! i feed them reptomint and it floats but they wont eat it ? can u plz help me plzzzz :( ?