Digital Photography Tip #1: Leave the Battery Compartment Open

When you take the battery out of your digital camera to charge it, leave the battery compartment open:

Sony camera with open battery compartment

That way you won’t walk out the door with a camera with no battery.

3 Responses to “Digital Photography Tip #1: Leave the Battery Compartment Open”

  1. Andrzej Says:

    Better still, buy two batteries….then you always have a fully charged one as a spare to swap in, while the other goes in the charger. ;-)

  2. Adrian Says:

    Better still, the camera should charge the battery in-camera.

  3. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    That would be nice. However I’m afraid that might add an ounce or two to the camera, and weight and size are really important for such devices. Is there an electrical engineeer in the house?

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