Truth in Advertising

6 Responses to “Truth in Advertising”

  1. George Bailey Says:

    What, no creationism for dummies?

  2. Andrzej Says:

    I prefer “Intelligent Design for Dummies”.

    That’s an oxymoron on so many levels that it hurts to think about it. ;-)

  3. paul Says:

    Is Unintelligent Design easier to beleive

  4. Thom Says:

    Why is it that, because I happen to believe that everything around us was created according to a plan instead of dumb luck, that I am thought of as a dummy. No one who has spent more than 30 seconds talking with me thinks I’m a dummy. Why is it that stupidity is automatically assumed because I’m able to look at the odds of this universe being created by accident and saying “Wow! Anyone that believes that should be playing the lottery more often!”

  5. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Assuming you’re not a dummy, then probably people think you are because you’re ignorant, because you misapply and misunderstand statistics, and/or because you’re making serious logical errors. Without knowing you, it’s not really possible to tell which.

    For instance, the whole idea that the universe was “created” is itself very much an open question, even for a very broad definition of “created” that does not assume the existence of a supreme being. Now if you don’t happen to be familiar with the very strange developments in cosmology that suggest the whole notion of a “beginning” and a “creation” may very well not be a meaningful question, then when you extrapolate your common sense notions of causality into realms where they are unproven and very possibly don’t apply, well then you’re going to sound like a dummy to someone who does know more about those things than you do.

    The fact is we’re all dummies in some areas of study. None of us know everything. I’m sure many of my wife’s musically talented friends think of me as a dummy because on the subjects they like to discuss, I really am. The smartest people recognize when they’re out of their depth, know when to shut up and listen because other people know more on a particular subject than they do, know how to judge who knows more on other subjects than they do, and don’t try to extrapolate their legitimate and real knowledge in some areas into different areas where it doesn’t apply.

  6. verisimilidude Says:

    I saw they also had a “Rottweiller’s for Dummies” book. My first thought was ‘Dummies shouldn’t own rottweillers, why are we encouraging this.’

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