Buffy Fix

I stumbled across the first issue of Season 8 by Joss Whedon at the Forbidden Planet this afternoon. <span style="voice-family: comic book guy, male;}">Best Comic Book Adaptation Ever!</span>.

The Long Way Home, Part 1

This was incredible. It was like reading a TV episode, and one of the better episodes too. I gave up on the Buffy comics years ago because while occasionally amusing, they never came close to reproducing the wonder, humor, and excitement that was the show. Even the earlier Whedon written comics like the Fray miniseries just didn’t measure up. I just chalked it up to characters not making the transition between media. (I’ve never really liked Batman on the big screen either.)

But apparently all they needed was the right writer and a chance to write in continuity rather than off. I’m not sure if Dark Horse can keep the magic going after Whedon hands over the writing around issue 6, but for now this is an absolute must have for all Buffy fans.

And now a few spoiler-free questions and comments to whet your appetite:

When did she start carrying a gun?

I always knew there was something wrong with that episode.

Xander is not Nick Fury.

I knew Joss liked Kitty Pryde, but Rahne Sinclair?

Those boots can’t really belong to who they look like they belong to, can they?

I always wondered what Buffy would think of the Patriot Act.

Michelle Trachtenberg outgrew Sarah Michelle Geller by Season 7, but this is just ridiculous.

I knew it when they said “cheese”.

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