Lost Where?

I’ve never been convinced by the hypotheses that the Lost survivors are either in the future, on another planet, in another dimension, or on some sort of Holodeck. After last night’s season finale, I am more convinced than ever that they are on Earth, in the present, probably on an island in the South Pacific. Minor spoilers follow.

My belief was shaken a little bit at the beginning of the episode when Desmond appeared to have made a complete circle going due west. However, if he was navigating by the compass that could easily have turned him around. It’s obvious something funny is going on with the magnetic field on the island. What the others told Michael at the end of the episode also suggests that. (Even if they were lying, they presumably want him to get somewhere in particular.) If only Desmond knew how to navigate by the stars instead of the compass.

Which brings up another point: if they were on another planet, then presumably someone on the plane knows enough about the constellations, to recognize that they’re on a different planet. That they haven’t suggests that they are indeed on earth, and not too incredibly far in the future. And of course the very last scene strongly suggests that they aren’t that far away from reality.

Then again what the heck is up with the four toes? I do remember once hearing that over time Homo sapiens might lose their little toe to evolution. How widespread that belief is (or whether it’s at all plausible) I don’t know.

P.S. Our Mutual Friend is notable for the train crash that occurred while Dickens was writing it. Plus the plot involves a man who was thought to be dead by drowning but wasn’t. Coincidence? I suspect not.

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