Ad-blocking Yahoo Groups

Recently Yahoo Groups mailing lists seemed to all start sending out obnoxious image ads in various messages:

Yahoo Mail Ads

Needless to say, this makes me a lot less likely to subscribe to yahoogroups mailing lists. Most new lists are going to Google anyway. However there are several legacy groups I subscribe to that probably aren’t going to switch immediately.

My first idea was to see if AdBlocker Plus could do the trick. It does work in Thunderbird as well as Firefox, but it doesn’t seem to be able to handle the text ads inside the Yahoo messages.

Then I noticed this at the bottom of each message:

Change settings via email: Switch delivery to Daily Digest | Switch format to Traditional

Plain text! That’s just what the doctor ordered! The second option sends an e-mail to that changes you into plain text e-mail without the annoying sidebar ads. After you send this Yahoo will send you back a confirmation message:


We received a request from you to switch your email format from “Fully Featured” to “Traditional” for your group rest-discuss. Please confirm your request by replying to this message.

If you do not wish to switch the email format for group rest-discuss, please ignore this message.

Just reply to that message and you should be set up without the ads.

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