Refactoring HTML First Draft is Done!

I have just submitted the last chapter of the first draft of Refactoring HTML off to my editor. The next couple of months will be occupied with author review, rewriting, tech review, rewriting, copy editing, rewriting, publicity, tool development, indexing, and other tasks. However that’s all much easier and less stressful on my end than the initial move from a blank screen to a completed manuscript.

With a little luck, the finished book should hit store shelves this summer. If anyone would be interested in reviewing part or all of the book, drop me a line; and I’ll see what I can do about getting you an early review copy. I especially need comments from people with experience in refactoring and web site development of any kind. Particular skills we need include regular expressions, mod_rewrite, Flash, CSS, and accessibility. If any of those are your cup of tea, then your help would be greatly appreciated with just a chapter or two, even if you can’t review the whole book.

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