Fried and Baked! Yum Yum.

On the advice of numerous people I’ve installed WP-Cache here on Mokka mit Schlag. It’s supposed to dramatically speed up performance by caching query responses while still allowing for live comments and editing and all that yummy fired goodness WordPress is famous for. We shall see. If it makes a noticeable difference, I’ll install it on The Cafes too.

Not everyone likes it. WordPress inventor Matt Mullenweg doesn’t use it, and I think he’s got heavier traffic than me. I do notice it doesn’t do seem to do anything for speeding up the saving of new posts, but then I wouldn’t expect it to. There may be other changes I still need to make. eAccelerator provides an additional level of caching that may improve PHP performance by avoiding recompilation. (Why PHP doesn’t do this by default I don’t know. Java does.)

One thing that bothers me is I still don’t have any good or even mediocre way to actually measure the performance of this blog, much less figuring out where the problems lie. It’s all subjective based on occasional queries that timeout or take longer than I’d like. I’d appreciate any suggestions anyone has for automated performance testing of a WordPress server.

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  1. Matt Says:

    WP Cache doesn’t cache queries, it caches the entire output of the page.

    I don’t dislike it at all, in fact I recommend it to people all the time, but my site just doesn’t need it.

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