HTTPS and WordPress

Does anyone have detailed instructions for how to convert a site such as this one (WordPress + Apache, custom domain, multiple plug-ins, on a shared host, specifically to HTTPS?

This is still way too complicated. Might consider moving to another host since the last time I asked pair for help with this they were actively dismissive of the need. itself is not an option last I checked because they don’t allow plug-ins.

3 Responses to “HTTPS and WordPress”

  1. Chris Eliot Says:

    Have you considered Hugo ( Jekyll is also nice, but I find Hugo really enjoyable, and I think WordPress import is straightforward (

  2. Michael Says:

    Why not use let’s encrypt. It’s pretty easy.

  3. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Pair doesn’t natively support Let’s Encrypt, and the three-month rotation is a deal breaker without auto-support.