Addicted to Blogging

WordPress is surprisingly addictive. I’ve always been an active writer: e-mail, Usenet, the Cafes, 12+ books, so I’m probably more susceptible than most. I’m always astonished at people who say how much work it is to update their site every day. My problem is ususally how to write less, not more. Still maybe the people who said you shouldn’t be writing XML by hand were right.

On the other hand, I just discovered that WordPress’s editor doesn’t recognize CDATA sections. Very annoying. I’m going to have to manually escape all my markup examples. Bleah. I should probably file an RFE. Let me dig out the password they e-mailed me. There. Done.

Interesting. That’s only bug #1965. I would have expected a lot more. Either WordPress is even cleaner code than I thought, or they’re not really logging everything into the bug tracking system. I suspect the latter. They seem to prefer IRC and Wikis to a more formal issue tracker.

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