Better Late than Never: Atom 1.0 Arrives

John Cowan suggested I should be using Atom 1.0 on this site, and Adam Constabaris told me I could do it with a plug-in, even if WordPress is severely lagging on Atom 1.0 support. I’ve now installed the plug-in which is going to change all my feeds to Atom 1.0. There are no more RSS or Atom 0.3 feeds. The old URLs all still work–cool URLs don’t change, of course–but they now serve Atom 1.0 insead of 0.3 or RSS.

This is all very hackish, beta software, so if you notice a problem holler. However if the problem is that you’re using an old feed reader that doesn’t support Atom 1.0, then my response will be to upgrade your software. RSS is dead and dying. Atom 1.0 is the future.

Now if I can just figure out how to make WordPress stop using its hideous CDATA-escaped HTML and replace it with real markup, I’ll be happy.


That’s embarassing. The first thing that broke was Cafe au Lait. I forgot that I run some XSLT stylesheets through a cron job to copy over the headlines from this site. Those need to be updated to process Atom instead of RSS. Fixing it now.

Oops #2

It seems the Atom 1.0 plug-in is not serving full text feeds like the regular WordPress RSS does. If I can’t fix that, I may have to switch back to RSS 2 and Atom 0.3.

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  1. John Cowan Says:

    And enable comment previewing….

  2. john Says:

    so where do i get it & should I. Its crazy the rss & feed dont work.

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