Scoble Catches Winer Disease

Apparently it’s now all about Robert. When someone links to the New York Times instead of him, it’s a direct personal assault, not that we happen to read the New York Times more than Scoble so we never even noticed his original piece, or that we prefer a well-written text piece to a long streaming video.

P.S. Scoble was more interesting when he was blogging from inside Microsoft. That at least gave him a perspective most people did not have. Now he’s just one of dozens of independent bloggers.

2 Responses to “Scoble Catches Winer Disease”

  1. Martin J. Steer Says:

    What’s a “Winer”? Did you mean to write “Whiner”? In that case I feel obliged to point out that you yourself have caught that disease one or two times before…

    We all do from time to time, I guess.


  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    It is correctly spelled. Winer disease is a particular form of egocentric paranoia in which one assumes that other people’s failure to pay sufficient attention to one’s achievements is a direct personal slight and attack, rather than an indication of one’s own insignificance or inability to get along with other people.

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