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I just did a quick check with LogValidator on the pages at this site for Refactoring HTML. Besides telling you where the markup is screwed up, LogValidator also figures out which pages are the most popular. The results were not what I would have guessed. After throwing away index pages, favicon.ico’s, Atom feeds and the like it turns out the most popular story of the last year is:

Incompetent Boobs

Following that are:

  1. The Old Testament vs. The New
  2. Converting a Mini to a Server, Part 8
  3. What I Learned at SD
  4. Cable Tip #1: Component Video
  5. Fruitopia
  6. Converting a Mini to a Server, Part 4 Launching Servers at Startup
  7. Converting a Mini to a Server, Part 7: There is No Part 7
  8. A New Mouse
  9. Converting a Mini to a Server, Part 5: Virtual Hosts

Scanning this list, the two things that jump out are that the longer I leave a post up the more hits it gets (no surprise) and that it does help drive hits if I advertise a post to my friends and various mailing lists by e-mail.

2 Responses to “Most Popular Stories”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    Well, if you have a post with “fucking” and “boobs” in it, you ought to expect an elevated hit-rate.

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Maybe, but there’s a lot of competition for those search terms. :-)

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