Airplanes in the Cloud

Apparently the airport wireless does not reach into the plane though. Shouldn’t have bothered to board early.

American Airlines is now selling cheap (relatively) upgrades to first class at checkin at the airport. I wonder if I can get one online in advance? On a short hop–e.g. New Orleans to Dallas–it can actually be cheaper to by the upgrade ($35) than to check two bags ($50).

Is there a tethering application for the Android yet for those airports that don’t have free wireless? That would also come in handy when my parents’ wireless network flaked out over the holidays. If there isn’t, maybe I should write one.

Speaking of apps I need is there way I can back up my Twitter feed into a blog or text file or some such so my notes are preserved if the cloud goes down?

How about an offline Twitter for airplanes and such?

Speaking of the cloud, Currently I’m using to manage the recommended reading on Cafe au Lait and Cafe con Leche. I wonder if I could use Twitter somehow to manage the quotes of the day which I still do manually. I need to be able to select a piece of text in a web page or e-mail message, associate it with an author, a URL, and a title; and then later insert it into a page. Just managing the collection of quotes would be helpful even if I later need to manually insert them. Perhaps what I really need is some sort of clippings service? Does this exist?

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    “… is there way I can back up my Twitter feed …”

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