Wooly Bear

red and black fuzzy caterpillar

Wooly Bear caterpillar, Mount Loretto Unique Area, 2006-10-21

There were numerous Wooly Bear caterpillars all over Mount Loretto today. If not eaten or stepped on first, these will eventually turn into Isabella Tiger Moths (Pyrrharctia isabella)

7 Responses to “Wooly Bear”

  1. mariya Says:

    are they poisonus? Caus eI aciidently squased one and this green stuff come out

  2. kayla Says:

    Hey, what r these fuzzy catipeeler’s called thanxs alot!!!

  3. kayla Says:

    no, they r not poisonus!!!!!!!!

  4. michele wollett Says:

    Since this is a wooly bear catterpillar that turns into an isabella tiger moth,I’m gonna call my grandaughter my little wooly bear.( being that her name is isabella)

  5. Bloom Says:

    What do wooly bears eat?

  6. Tyler Says:

    What types of leaf do wooly bear caterpillars eat?

  7. shelbie Says:

    are these guys poisonus?

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