Battlestar Galactica: Wow

Was that a spectacular episode of Battlestar Galactica Friday night or what? I was on the edge of my seat the entire hour. And the scene where the Galactica “arrives” at New Caprica? I know it’s just special effects, but it was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that, and it totally surprised me. The whole episode just set new standards for what a sci-fi show can look like. If not for the Cylons and laser beams, you’d think you were watching the nightly news from Iraq, not fiction. If you aren’t watching this show, start now. There hasn’t been anything this good on TV in years.

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  1. Bas Says:

    I love BSG. I liked the old series, love the new series.

    I like how we can sorta relate to the storylines (some of the best trek episodes were like that), and yet have some twists (suicide bombing for example from ep 1 and 2… was he a “evil doer terrorist”?).

    One thing that bugs me is whoever the heck they have making the “next week…” promos.

    At the end of Ep 2, we see the trailer for 3. If you recall, in the end of 2, Roslin and the other prisoners are about to be executed, it fades to black as we hear gunfire. I did NOT expect her to die (at least, so early in the season)… but the promo for the next week clearly showed Roslin speaking to people. Great episode end, lousy setup for next week.

    What do we get at the end of Ep 3? You hear Adama shout “LEE NO!” (So we can guess that Lee disobeys orders and comes with Galactica in some fashion)… and then we see something hitting a base star and exploding right after. While true, both events happened in different spots in Ep 4… the trailer basically gave away that a) Lee comes with Adama, and b) A battlestar rams a base star… it’s probably a safe bet that Galactica wouldn’t be the one :)

    Meh, sorry, mild rant. I know this could be avoided by simply not watching the promos… but for such a great show, I don’t understand why they’d give away plot points in the promo.

  2. Michael Powers Says:

    Could not agree more. Speaking of promos, did I imagine a promo after the premiere with a clip of Gaius and Six where he asks “am I a cylon?” Did I miss that scene? If so, what was said?? (If not, what gives?)

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