Banded Geese

It was a nice day, so I took a quick spin around Prospect Park at lunch time. I picked up 34 total species including two American Wigeons, a Belted Kingfisher, and a record high 40+ American Coots. However, the highlight of the day was not one, not two, not three, but four banded geese:

Canada Geese NA23, NA27

I don’t know where they came from yet, but the band numbers appear to be roughly consecutive–NA07, NA23, NA26, NA27–so they were probably banded at the same location and flew here as a group.

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  1. Mokka mit Schlag » Banded Geese Continue Says:

    […] I spent a couple of hours in Prospect Park early this afternoon on a really nice, chilly Fall day. The lawns and leaf litter were practically covered in sparrows, and many other species were evident too. Overall I saw 36 total species including the first Hooded Mergansers of the season (about 10 on the lake). There are now over 120 Northern Shovelers on the lake, with more arriving on every north wind. I also managed to relocate all four banded geese I first spotted on Monday. They may stick around through the winter as well. « Block Third Party Cookies in Firefox 2 […]

  2. Mokka mit Schlag » Banded Geese Identified Says:

    […] The four banded Canada Geese I first spotted back on October 30, and that have continued in Prospect Park ever since, have been identified. Turns out they’re locals. They were banded at the Pennsylvania Ave. Landfill in Queens on June 26, this year. NA07, NA23, and NA 27 are adult males, NA26 is an adult female. « IDE needed to Hack on PHP (not with PHP) […]

  3. Mokka mit Schlag » Back in Brooklyn Says:

    […] Mute Swans, and Mallards are all year-round residents. I was pleased to see that my old friends NA 07, NA 23, and NA27 are still hanging in […]

  4. Michael Castellano Says:

    Got a nice closeup shot of NA23 today, he looks fine but didn’t see any of the other tagged geese. He appeared to be with a female. Have noticed that there are a lot fewer red winged black birds this year. I’ve also seen at least five different swans. Also found a beautiful pair of wood ducks hanging around at the Upper Pool for the last few weeks.


  5. Helen Says:

    Hello birdwatchers,
    I just thought I would mention that I was walking through Greenwood Cemetery today and I saw the tagged Canadian goose NA27 with a group of other geese (one other I could see was also tagged, but I couldn’t see the number). He looks to be in fine health and was enjoying the cold sunny day with a group of about 30 other geese.

  6. Mokka mit Schlag » A New Banded Goose in Prospect Park Says:

    […] walked around the lake in Prospect Park today, looking to see if any of the old four banded geese were still around. No such luck. They may have moved on. However I did find a fifth banded goose […]

  7. mike y Says:

    saw NA27 in coney island creek on 2/26/2011.

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