Would You Buy a Used Web Conference from These Folks?

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Or would you attend an XML conference that sends out its speaker contracts in Microsoft Word documents? Not the Office XML format, even; but the traditional opaque binary format?

Truth be told I’m actually speaking at the latter, and it will probably be a good time; but isn’t it time we started eating a little more of our own dog food?

2 Responses to “Would You Buy a Used Web Conference from These Folks?”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    To be fair, Word binary format is probably the most widely accessible format other than HTML, and if you want controlled content with fill-in fields, HTML doesn’t cut it for something you sign and return, as opposed to fill out on line.

  2. Jonathan Tappan Says:

    I would argue that PDF is more widely accessible than Word format. Try opening a Word document on a Linux machine, or for that matter a Windows machine that has an older version of Word installed. And PDF does a better job of handling fill-in fields and makes it much harder for the recipient to randomly alter the terms of the contract.

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