Tagged Gulls ID’d

The USGS has identified both of the tagged Ring-billed Gulls I found recently. As expected, both were tagged by Dr. Tom French in Massachusetts.

A99 from Gravesend Bay was banded at the Upper Blackstone Wastewater Treatment Plant in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 5, 2008. Sex unknown and born in 2005 or earlier.

A99 certificate

A288 from Prospect Park was banded at the Quinsigamond State Park in Worcester County, Massachusetts on October 27, 2009, just a few months before I saw it. Sex unknown and born in 2008 or earlier. (Probably 2008 would be my guess based on the bird’s plumage when I found it.)

USGS Certificate of Appreciation. Awarded to. Elliotte Harold. BANDING DATA: BAND NUMBER: 0974-05321 A99. SPECIES: RING-BILLED GULL. Banded 11/05/2008 Sex Unknown

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