It’s Freezing In Here

It’s -2°C outside, (the warmest it’s been all day) and after turning the heaters all the way up, removing the window air conditioner, replacing the windows with new, more tightly sealed ones, the temperature in my office has now reached an invigorating 21°C. Later today I’m shopping for warmer socks and a ski mask. I love New York, but days like today make me think seriously about moving to California.

3 Responses to “It’s Freezing In Here”

  1. robert Says:

    yeah, but you’ll get earthquakes, no water (soon enough), and not a real blini

  2. Tommy Says:

    21.1 C or 70 F bright sunshine and beautiful just in time for Rex down home where you can still get a great bowl of gumbo!!

  3. Greg Says:

    Well, Elliotte, living just north of you in Scotia, -2C sounds warm. Why, just this about 5:20 this morning as I was taking my daughter to work, the conversation fell (rather naturally) to igloos. We concluded the tunnel must be for wind break.

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