How Many Cylons are There?

If we can trust Number 6 (and I’m not at all sure we can) there are exactly twelve “skin job” Cylon models. So far by my count we’ve seen 6. (Warning: spoilers follow.)

  • Number 3: Lucy Lawless (D’anna Biers)
  • Number 5: Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral)
  • Number 6: Tricia Helfer
  • Number 8: Grace Park (Sharon Valeri/Boomer)
  • Number unknown: Rick Worthy (Simon, the doctor from The Farm, Season 2, Episode 5)
  • Number unknown: Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy, Cylon tortured by Starbuck in Flesh and Bone, Season 1, Episode 8)

Am I missing anyone?

I am assuming that Conoy was lying when he claimed Adama was a Cylon. I could be wrong about that. We still don’t know what the Cylons actually want. From what Number 6 has said, it seems possible they are deliberately avoiding destroying Galactica and the fleet to protect Sharon and Helo’s child.

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  1. Ryan Mills Says:

    The Cylons seem to always know what will happen. Both Conoy, and Number 6 predict what will happen, and / or manipulate things to be that way.

    I do believe they could wipe out the entire fleet if they wanted to, and protecting the child could be part of it. But if they are intent on reproducing, perhaps they also want to get to Earth as well, and their “victory” will be complete.

    One of the Cylons, I believe it was Conoy again, said they will indeed find Earth as the found Kobal.

    The whole thing about “this has happened before, and it will happen again” points to the fact that the Cylons know the deal, and are playing their role that “god” has instructed. If this has happened before, maybe this Cylon / human merging is how humans have actually evolved, and the Cylons are the only ones who know this, and they feel they are remaking the universe as “god” has commanded.

    The thing that always got me though, was why is Earth such a strong goal for Galactica? If they can find Earth, and the Cylons can keep following, why would they be more safe on Earth than anywhere else! Humans are just pawns in all this.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Tom Says:

    What about the bald guy in the last episode? Who was he?

  3. cdj Says:

    BTW, “skin job” is a tip of the hat to seminal science fiction film “Blade Runner”, where that was slang for a replicant.

  4. JLM Says:

    1)M/ Preacher dude
    2)M/ Simon
    3)F/ D’anna Biers
    4)M/ Starbucks plaything
    5)M/ Aaron Doral
    6)F/ Head trip
    8)F/ Sharon

    Now they says there are 13 modles, Raiders, and centurions are a modle of cylon there has been no distinction of them all being fleshies.

    also my thoughts.
    This has happened before and will again and Life here begain out there. They say that in the show. The Gods there are 13 lords of Kobol, and ther are 13 cylons,(the 12 the humans pray to, and the 1 the cylons belive in)
    I belive the Lords of Kobold are really a diferenty kind of “cylon”(for lack of a better term at this time). Kobol was the planet the humans fled to untill they got cought, like they did on New Capercia. the Cylons there stated don’t resist and you won’t be hurt. So the “New lords” and man shall live in “harmony”, as long as he behavies and obely the rules.

  5. Paul Logasa Bogen II Says:

    Here is my analysis of the general question:
    How many Cylons are there?

  6. sam Says:

    Well, I have a question that sci fi dot com wont allow me to publish for some reason. There are 7 known ‘models’ and the final five are not numbered according to sci fi website. So, who actually are the other 5 or did sci fi dot com screw up and anders and that lot are actually the other five.

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