Banded Goose Returns

Friday I spotted H7H6 in Prospect Lake again. As you may recall, H7H6 is the banded goose I first saw in Prospect Lake on January 29, over two weeks earlier. I hadn’t seen it again since, though I had looked for it. I assumed it had flown on. Now it’s back.

Where was it for two weeks? Was it simply hiding in the phragmites? Had it crossed the road to the Parade Grounds where I rarely go? Flown a few blocks to Greenwood Cemetery? or out to the coast and Jamaica Bay? or even further? Why did it leave (if it did) and why did it return? I don’t know, but these are the sorts of questions bird banding is intended to answer.

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  1. Mokka mit Schlag » Banded Goose Identified Says:

    […] I’ve received some more information about H6H7, the banded Canada Goose I first spotted in Prospect Park on January 29 and have since relocated twice. It seems he (I now know that it’s a male) was banded July 12, 2005 near St Paul l Emite (St. Paul l’Ermite?) in Quebec. I’m not quite sure where that is, possibly somewhere between Montreal and Quebec City. Based on his age when banded, he was hatched in 2004 or earlier. […]

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