NYC Audubon Prices

Cars have always been a problem for NYC Audubon trips since they meet in Manhattan, and few Manhattanites have cars. On occasion I’ve rented a car to drive on one of their trips. Recently they got so tired of trying to recruit drivers that they decided all future trips would use a bus or van, advance registration only, and nobody from the outer boroughs would be allowed to meet them at the site in their personal vehicles. Everyone has to go to Chelsea first.

There are reasons for all this, and I understand why they do this; but with the latest trip I noticed on their Web site, their pricing seems to have completely lost touch with reality:

Migration Delights – Spring Peak at Jamaica Bay
Wednesday, May 17
Guide: Joe Giunta

Transport: van
Food: Bring your lunch!
Experience the marvelous varieties of shorebirds as they pass through the
wetlands of Jamaica Bay and nest on Canarsie Pol.
Limited to 12.

$45 (10% discount for DIRECT Members)


$45 to get to Jamaica Bay? Folks, the A-train goes there: $4 round trip, less if you buy a discount Metrocard. You could split cabs to Jamaica Bay for less than that, and you wouldn’t be as crowded either. $45 might be reasonable for an all-day trip to the wilds of New Jersey or Suffolk County, but Queens?

Starr Saphir usually leads $6 walks at Jamaica Bay for shorebird migration a little later in the summer. I think I’ll just wait for one of those. In the meantime I think I’ll go to her walk in Central Park tomorrow, where at least we’re allowed to take the subway to the rendezvous at 103rd street. :-)

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