But does it count for your life list?

Seems you can now go bird watching via the Internet. I haven’t been able to test it out yet (20 user limit apparently) but this is certainly cool. Personally, I can’t imagine it replacing actually being out in the field by any small amount. On the other hand, I’ve always found it quite sad to meet senior birders who are no longer able to hold binoculars steady or get to the park. I can imagine this might be of some interest to them. At least one elderly birder did a big year on TV, after he could no longer get out so much. This certainly tops that.

I might set up a birdcam myself, except my window list is limited to House Sparrow, European Starling, Rock Pigeon, and very occasionally Mourning Dove.

My backyard

Maybe if I pointed the camera straight up at the sky you could catch an occasional flyover gull, crow, or raptor.

Update: In the last couple of days I’ve added two birds to the backyard list: Canada Goose and Black-capped Chickadee. Both were heard only, not seen. That brings my total to six. At least once I’ve seen a red-tailed Hawk flying over the building. that makes seven.

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