GPS and Field Trips

A friendly suggestion for local Audubon and Sierra Club chapters and bird clubs everywhere: When posting directions for field trips, please try to provide the nearest possible full street address. These days many of us are using GPS systems, and when wandering through a strange city, it’s a lot easier to find an address such as “120 Via Verde, San Dimas, CA” than to follow directions like, “From the Pasadena (110) Freeway, exit Orange Grove Ave, and proceed south across Mission St. (where Orange Grove jogs to the right) to El Centro St. Turn west (right) on El Centro and park in the first block.”

By all means give the directions too for those folks who aren’t using a GPS. And sometimes, there just aren’t any street addresses anywhere near the meeting site. But when you’re birding in a major metro area like Los Angeles, the street address helps a lot.

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