#483 White-cheeked Pintail

I was doing a sea watch from the beach around sunset when I happened to notice something funny in the mangroves along the shore. I put the scope on them and there they were, two White-cheeked Pintails!

Not the best photo. These were quite far away, the light was fading, I had to use a 1.4x teleconverter which dropped my lens down to f/8, and ISO was about 1250. However, two mornings later I found what were likely the same two pintails walking around on the hotel lawn:

Nonetheless I think these are definitively wild birds. They flew away as soon as they saw me. I’ve seen them again but only when no people are around.

That makes four life birds on my first full day in Puerto Rico, without even going to any parks. Not bad!

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  1. Jun Says:

    That’s awesome. I’m a huge fan of pintails, IMHO they are one of the most gorgeous birds around. Pintails in a pool? Super cute!

    Atom Pintail Longboard

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