#850 Evening Grosbeak

2012 is looking like an irruptive winter. Two days ago I had the best day I’ve had in Prospect Park in years with a life bird and city-first-of-season White-winged Crossbill and Common Redpoll. But the birds are still coming in. Yesterday a pair of Evening Grosbeaks were reported in Central Park near the Great Hill, so before work I took the A-train uptown to look for them. Fortuitously I ran into Lenore Swenson who took me right to the birds. #850! and it’s extra fun to get a life bird so near home instead of traveling far and wide.

I don’t have any trips planned for the remainder of the year, except for Louisiana at Christmas, so I won’t make 900 in 2012; but all I need is one good neotropics trip to cross 900 or even 1000 in 2013. My brother and I are going to Costa Rica with New York Audubon for a week in February, and I should be able to squeeze in at least one more international trip somewhere. I just haven’t decided where yet.

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