#866-870 at Restaurant Colbert

We had lunch at a French restaurant our guide described as “arguably the best restaurant in Costa Rica”. I don’t know about that, though it was good; but it certainly had more life birds than I’ve ever gotten before at lunch. There are hummingbird and other feeders behind the restaurant, visible through plate glass windows that attract, among other species:

Purple-throated Mountain Gem, Lampornis calolaemus

  1. Violet Sabrewing
  2. Purple-throated Mountain-gem
  3. Slaty Flowerpiercer
  4. Volcano Hummingbird

Other birds included Clay-colored Thrush, Great Kiskadee, Rufous-collared Sparrow, and Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher.

Once we finished lunch and drove on to the next stop, we picked up #870, Montezuma Oropendula, from the road. We would see this at several other plces on the trip, most notably Arenal.

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