Intel Mini: Underwhelmed

The Intel Mini leaves me feeling a little disappointed. For one thing the price is up, not down. The low end Intel model is $100 more than the low end G4 model was. For another, although A/V functionality has improved somewhat, it’s still not ready to replace my cable box or Tivo or DVD. I’ll probably still buy one of the lowend models to replace the old Dell running this site like I was planning, but I won’t buy an extra one to hook up to my TV like I was considering, and I may wait a little while to buy the first one if this Dell continues to hold out.

One Response to “Intel Mini: Underwhelmed”

  1. Scott Ellsworth Says:

    I rather agree – I will likely get one as a server box, but I am not sure when it is going into my living room. That said, I really like the specs on the new machines – the only missing feature for me _is_ a TiVo-like recording system based around some kind of A/V input.

    I am hoping they drop the price when Core Single prices drop. The $500 price point was very appealing, but I am not sure I would want to give up any of the new features. Gigabit, for example, is something I very much wanted. Thus, I am hoping for a price drop rather than a speed bump in a few months.


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