Migrating Accounts

Mostly the Migration Assistant in Mac OS X works, but there are some surprising things that don’t come across and have to be reinstalled manually. So far I’ve noticed:

  • Flash
  • Some AppleScript thingie that’s breaking some of my scripts “Enable access for assistive devices” in the Universal Access System Preference pane
  • Microsoft Intellimouse
  • Microsoft Word Custom Dictionaries (I think the dictionaries are copied but Word no longer sees them. I suspect it’s using an absolute path from the root rather than a relative path from the home directory to locate these.)
  • StuffIt Engine
  • Parts of Adobe Photoshop Elements (maybe installed in the /Library folder?)

I’m not sure what unifies these items. On the plus side, all my shareware registrations seem to have moved OK. I’m not being bombarded by nag screens.

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