Little Brown Job

I skipped Moth Monday last week because, although I had a couple of good new moths, no one had ID’d them yet. A week later and they still haven’t been ID’d though, so maybe it’s time to post one here and see what folks think. This is from Mountain View Shoreline in Santa Clara County, just off the salt ponds, about 6:00 A.M.:

Brown striped moth on wall

One thing I like about moth photos is that even when a moth is very nondescript in nature, something the eye just passes over, look closer with the camera and it’s quite stunning. There are many little brown moths that we usually ignore but they’re worth a closer look.

3 Responses to “Little Brown Job”

  1. Nicholas Sushkin Says:

    Ordinary, but very pretty. Is this the highest resolution photo you have?

  2. Ed Says:

    Funny, when I read your headline, I thought, “Wow, there’s a moth named after a Bible character”, in the same way Geometer moths are named after, well, geometers, and Sphinx moths after, well, whatever the plural of Sphinx is.

  3. yachris Says:

    Great photo of quite a handsome specimen… bet he gets good FM reception on those anntennae :-)

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