Moth Monday at Fort Tilden: Lucerne Moth

I spent yesterday wandering around Fort Tilden, Jacob Riis Park, and Floyd Bennett Field with the Brooklyn Bird Club. Moths were everywhere. Most of them were large, skinny, and well hidden. They’d flutter up in front of you as you walked through the grass, then disappear into the grass where they’d hide behind a blade of grass. However I did manage to track a few to their resting place. Usually this would immediately spook them again, but I did get decent shots of a couple including this Lucerne Moth:

Gray brown moth in grass

Nomophila nearctica, Hodges#5156
Fort Tilden, Queens, 2009-10-04

This is a largish member of the Crambid Snout Moths, and is also known as the American Celery Webworm, the Celery Stalkworm, Clover Nomophila, and False Webworm.

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