Looking for a Router

This site is currently served by an ADSL line in my apartment as are several others I maintain. I recently noticed that my NAT/router/firewall device (a D-Link Airplus extreme-G Router) can’t map multiple IPs. That is, it forwards all port 80 requests to the same system. It can’t send requests for different external IP addresses to different internal IP addresses. This means I can only run one physical HTTP server.

Would anyone care to recomend a slightly more capable NAT? I don’t need anything fancy or complicated. I’ve been relatively happy with the D-Link. Essentially I’d just want more one feature, full many-to-many port forwarding. otherwise I still want an integrated box that acts as a firewall, NAT, gigabit Ethernet router, and wireless router in one.

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  1. Scott Carlson Says:

    I’d be curious what if you found an answer. I’ve had the same issue, but I solved it differently. I used named hosts with apache and used the reverse proxy feature to map to different servers. It works great.

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