Blue Dogs For Tasini

It’s no secret that in what passes for a political spectrum in this country I qualify as a left-wing radical. Therefore it’s no surprise that I’m supporting Jonathan Tasini for Senate. Nonetheless, there’s good reason for less radical Democrats to support him too. In short, Hilary must be stopped.

I’m still one of the few people I know who actually believes Hilary isn’t running for president in 2008. Frankly I don’t think she’s that stupid. She might win the Democratic primary for president, but she can’t win the general election. In fact, she’s about the worst person we could nominate this side of Al Sharpton. Even though Hilary is in actual fact a middle-of-the-road, conservative Southern Democrat, 14 years of right-wing misogyny have calumnied her as the beast itself. Unfairly to her, she is seen by too many people as a fire-breathing leftist demagogue who’s going to make their daughter go to a public school, have a government financed abortion, and then settle down in Park Slope with a large black woman named “Taesha”. None of it’s true of course, but it might as well be for all the credit her moderate politics get her with the Rush Limbaugh fanboys.

So let’s suppose you’re moderate democrat who doesn’t want to see the party go down to defeat in 2008. How do you prevent this? Simple: Stop Hillary Now! An electoral defeat on Tuesday would effectively end Hilary’s presidential ambitions. The eventual Democratic nominee likely wouldn’t be any better (or worse) than Hilary on the issues; but he (or just maybe she) would have one overriding positive: he could win. Hilary can’t; and if she can’t see that and step aside for someone who can; then it’s time for the voters to make that choice for her.

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  1. Bob DuCharme Says:

    I don’t think their worst nightmare is that their daughter will settle down in the same neighborhood as the state’s other senator–I’m sure that Lil Kim’s neighborhood, on your side of Flatbush, scares them even more. (Hope you had a nice Carnival Parade this year…)

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