Vote Green

Like many other races I’ve been blogging about today, the next New York State Attorney General is going to be chosen on Tuesday in the Democratic primary. This race is unusual in that there are two solid, respectable candidates for the post, Andrew Cuomo and Mark Green. However, while both have distinguished themselves, only one of them has a record of defending the rights of New Yorkers in the courts, and that candidate is Mark Green.

While I might choose differently were these two running for a different office, the Attorney General’s office needs an experienced trial attorney and a real crusader. From his early days as one of Nader’s raiders to his service as New York City’s first Public Advocate, Mark Green fits the bill. Andrew Cuomo’s done important work himself; but he’s more of a traditional compromising, handshaking, deal-making politician like his father. While those qualities might make him a good governor, they’re not what we need in the Attorney General’s office, especially not in New York. Eliot Spitzer transformed the Attorney General’s office into a real force for honesty and a steadfast opponent to corporate corruption. Green is the candidate with the combative nature necessary to continue that legacy.

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