More from Ridgewood Reservoir

Steve Nanz has published a page of photos he’s taken at Ridgewood Reservoir this year. Worth checking out if you’d like to know just what we might be losing. He’s a much better photographer than I am. I think my favorite’s this baby snapping turtle heading toward the lake. It probably just hatched:

small snapping turtle covered in sand

There’s a lot of other wildlife living at the reservoir including many warblers, wrens, woodcocks, waterfowl, and other birds. We haven’t had anybody who really knows plants do an inventory yet, though we have identified at least one New York State threatened plant species there; and we’ve been inventorying for less than a year so we only have two seasons worth of data. We don’t really know what species may be overwintering there yet. It would be a shame to lose this before we even know what we have.

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