How Much Government is Too Much?

Kenneth M. Duberstein, a chief of staff in the Reagan White House says in the New York Times today, What’s going on here is not simply health care and the public option. In light of the auto bailout, the bank bailout, the stimulus package, the public option fight is a surrogate for how much government is too much.

Actually looking at that list, it’s pretty clear where the Republicans stand on this important question. As long as the government’s helping out big business, Wall Street, insurance companies, and auto dealers, it’s not too much. But as soon as it starts trying to help individual folks trying to get by, then it’s too much and they’ll fight tooth and nail to stop it.

2 Responses to “How Much Government is Too Much?”

  1. sblundy Says:

    Pres Obama was right: “One of the interesting things you find out about being president is everybody will attack you for spending money, unless you’re spending it on them.”

    Somehow I doubt he’s the first to say this either. One wonders if Plato ever made that observation…

    Anyway, I think what’s different about Republicans these days is that they’re used to getting their way on such things by sheer obstinance. And everyone else is used to them doing so. They’ll probably do what British Conservatives did during the Blair years. Become more radical and loose elections, till someone with fresh, or at least different, ideas comes along. Or they’ll go the way of the Federalists and the Whigs and some new party will emerge.

  2. Joseph E. Davis Says:

    How about a government that doesn’t help out big business, Wall Street, arms builders, foreign countries, unions, or deadbeats?

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