Serenity on HD-DVD

Serenity is out on HD-DVD. That’s almost enough to convince me I want an HD-DVD player, though personally I suspect BlueRay is going to win in the end.

3 Responses to “Serenity on HD-DVD”

  1. VHF Says:

    Boycott both. This is one case where a single standard is critical and as customers we don’t want to go the whole beta max route.

  2. Ants Bull Says:

    I don’t think Blu-Ray will win in the end – Sony are relying on huge uptake of PS3’s to push BluRay onto consumers – the problem is no-one is going to buy PS3’s at the prices they are selling them because there are no decent games coming out. The whole PS3 situation is blowing up in Sony’s face as we speak.

  3. Barend Garvelink Says:

    Breaking news: the HD-DVD standard will contain region coding after all.

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