Watchmen Post Episode 5

Veidt’s in space. I had pretty much figured that out already, but now it’s confirmed. I didn’t recognize exactly where, perhaps one of the moons of Jupiter? I assume Dr. Manhattan put him there. I can’t imagine anyone else could have done it, but why?

Also we’ve established that Veidt’s creepy servants aren’t exactly human. Perhaps they’re the “life” Dr. Manhattan was thinking about creating at the end of the first series? This revelation doesn’t exactly redeem Veidt’s actions, but perhaps he’s not a complete sadistic psychopath. He’s still not exactly all there, though. Solitary confinement has sent him around the bend, even assuming he wasn’t there already.

In other developments, I enjoyed Looking Glass’s backstory. He’s still not a hero or a good man, but I’m willing to upgrade him to a somewhat broken but understandable human being. He’s at least somewhat sympathetic now in a way he wasn’t in Episodes 1-4.

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