What Happened to Oceanic Flight 815?

The latest episodes of Lost have strongly hinted that the survivors are, in fact, dead; and in some sort of afterlife. This is a red herring. They are very much alive and present on our Earth, in the present day.

The strongest evidence that they’re dead are the helicopter pilot’s claims that the plane was in fact found four miles down in the ocean, with the bodies on-board. However, there’s a very simple explanation for that, albeit one that is used frequently in real life and almost never in fiction:

Someone is lying.

It is possible that the helicopter pilot is lying, but I don’t think so. However keep in mind that she herself did not see the bodies or the plane. Since it was four miles down, almost nobody did. Here’s what I think happened.

The others’ mainland coconspirators (whoever they are) got the job of searching for the plane. Alternately one of their ships just “happened” to find the plane. Of course, the plane wasn’t really there. They faked the underwater video necessary to convince the rest of the world that the plane had gone down somewhere it hadn’t. The goal of this deception was simply to make sure that the rest of the world stopped looking for Oceanic 815, and the island would remain undiscovered.

What else is going on with the island, I have no idea; and it is a little disturbing the extent to which so many of the mysteries seem to need magical answers to resolve them. However, this particular tidbit is fully explainable without positing any sort of supernatural event. I hope the rest of the show can be equally logically explained. I’d really hate to get to season 6 and realize it’s all just Hurley’s dream.

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  1. Augusto Says:

    The producers have said over and over that they are not dead, one of the popular theories early on was that they were in some sort of “purgatory”.

    The most interesting thing that was revealed this season is Jacob, who either died a long time ago (you can see him if you freeze frame that episode) or lives in some sort of other dimension. From the Lost podcast, they hint that they won’t reveal very much more on Jacob this season, perhaps next.

    The show is really picking up, the beginning of this season was a bit weak and I was getting worried that they couldn’t find a way to make it interesting again.

  2. Marc Says:

    Wait…..Are you trying to say one or more of the characters on this show are lying? It couldn’t be…

  3. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Even worse than characters lying you have to consider the possibility that the usually omniscient narrator (the camera) is lying. For example, are we sure the flashbacks actually happened as we see them? Or is this just what the participant thinks happened?

  4. Bas Says:

    I like Lost. I feel Season 2 was much weaker than Season 1, or even Season 3… however I like it.

    I can’t shake this feeling that they really don’t have good answers for all the major plot lines. I know that no single answer will appear to everyone, but I just have this feeling of “dread” (as much as one can have for a TV show), that at the end we’re just going to go “Well that sucked”.

    It would help if they started episodes with more answers than questions. I love a good story, I don’t want EVERYTHING… how about just an episode where stuff gets answered instead of new questions… and not answers that are really just more questions. Throw us nice juicy answer bone once and awhile.

    The thing that pisses me off the most (major spoiler if you haven’t seen S2)… they killed off all the “Tailies” that we know of… so what exactly was the point of Season 2? Introducing all these characters, back stories, all for what? We could almost completely take S2 out and not be any further behind. (All of S2 didn’t suck… for example, bringing in the Desmond character more, but the whole focus on the Tail section).

    Anyhow, despite that, I like it, and I feel Season 3 has really picked up.

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