World of Warcraft Tips

A few random things I’ve noticed that I didn’t know when I was first playing the game that may be helpful to newbies:

The Num Lock key runs you constantly until you stop. Very useful for long jogs down the road. All you have to do is steer.

Once you start hitting with a melee weapon, you don’t have to keep pressing 1 again and again. In fact, if you do you’ll turn off the attack. Better to hit once and let the computer do the rest of the work. Focus your fingers on special attacks.

The insert and delete keys change the camera angle. If you’re having trouble seeing, try these.

The mouse wheel zooms the camera in and out.

To chat in a specific channel prefix your chat with Forward-slash-Channel number. e.g. to broadcast a message in general chat, type /1 before typing your message.

When first learning a trade skill, make sure you talk to the Journeyman apprentice. If you talk to a Master trainer, he’ll tell you something like “I’ll be happy to train you when you’re smart enough.”

Don’t worry too much about choosing the race/class/gender/etc. for your character. If you don’t like it you can always create another.

The Map is your friend. Hit M to turn it on or off.

Those signposts along the roads that point but don’t actually have any text? Mouse over them to see where the road goes.

Holding down the right mouse button and dragging moves the camera. If you get out of whack with this, use the Home and End keys to get back.

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  1. Garnèt Says:

    Hm.. :) i learned all that stuff off my freinds when i first joined they showed me all that. Its good that you’ve pointed some of that stuff out though my mate ended up in the tauren lands at level 13 :) and he was a human lol

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  3. winterbluz Says:

    thanks… I went in so blind on the 7 day trial and got frustrated…. ^^

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