NetBeans 6.0 M9 and JavaFX Script

Quick tip: if you’re playing with JavaFX Script, stick to NetBeans 5.5. The JFX plugin is pretty throughly broken in 6.0, as are several other unrelated features. 6.0 M9 is way too buggy to be used in production just yet.

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  1. Jan Says:

    I tried my first “Hello World” in with the Eclipse plugin for JavaFX. Works ok.
    I’m very excited about this technology. I think that it will be huge on mobile devices.
    Once it becomes the norm on that platform, the desktop will surly follow. Write once run anywhere.
    Java has a huge developer base. Not having to do Flex when Java can do the job will be verry appealing to java developers. Java developers, many of whom write JSF and Ajax these days will be happy to switch to real RIA applications.
    If you see JavaFX, you know that Steve Jobs was dead wrong about Java. Well, maybe we needed that critisism

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