What is This? 1986?

So I get my new Mac Mini, connect it, and launch the bundled copy of Quicken 2006. It asks me to personalize it with my name. Simple enough I think, but no. Believe it or not, it won’t accept “Elliotte Rusty Harold” as a name. It gets stuck right before the d. Seems it believes no name can be longer than 20 letters, and “Elliotte Rusty Harold” is 21.

Personalize your copy of Quicken Enter your name: Elliotte Rusty Harol

How old is Quicken? And they still haven’t fixed this bug? If one of my students made this sort of mistake, I’d take three points off their homework and make them do it over. When a major consumer facing application like Quicken makes it, I get seriously worried.

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  1. robert Says:

    for those of us stuck in Enterprise java Hell; all too commonplace. the “Let’s just stick some lipstick on this pig” attitude (although The Suits will never admit that this is what they’re doing; they’ll call it SOA or some such) means that java in such an environment is just a facade over 30 to 40 year old COBOL/VSAM crap. be thankful you don’t have that sort of work.

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