Theme Challenge

I get occasional requests for the source code to the WordPress theme of this blog. It’s really just a few small modifications on the default Kubrick, nothing major. However I haven’t officially published it yet because:

  • I haven’t bothered to figure out how to bundle up and distribute a theme.
  • The theme includes some things unique to this site like my own Amazon associates ID, my own Google ads, and my own headshot. This would all need to be factored out so you could replace it with your own.
  • There are still some bugs in the theme. The most important is that in Safari the sidebar tends to drop below the post if the window is too narrow. The second most important bug is that in short posts bottom of the sidebar aligns to the left rather than staying on the right.

I’ll cut a deal with those who’ve asked for the theme. If you can help me figure out how to fix those two layout bugs (without using tables, or placing the sidebar content before the text content in the HTML) I’ll take care of figuring out how to bundle up and publish the theme for general use.

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