Borked Again

While I wasn’t looking, WordPress somehow decategorized most, but not all, of the over 700 posts on this site. However it did this mostly to older posts so I didn’t notice at first. However the result of this is that most of the URLs have now changed, and many things that shouldn’t be in the birding category now seem to be; for instance, this post about Mac OS X Leopard. In addition the category pages such as Sci Fi now are virtually empty.

I can see no alternative but to go through and manually recategorize all 730 posts on this site as time permits. If I do 10 a day I’ll be finished in three months. Bleah.

I am increasingly unpleased with WordPress. I’m going to stop recommending it to others, and will seriously consider any alternatives that come along.

3 Responses to “Borked Again”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Wouldn’t it be faster to restore from a backup and add all the new posts/comments/modifications since your last backup? Heck, you might be able to just restore the categorization from backups.

    But truthfully I don’t know if any of this is possible since I’ve never used WordPress. Good luck.

  2. Dolan Halbrook Says:

    The Java based alternatives I know of are Roller and Blojsom, neither of which are fantastic, but may be worth checking out. Blojsom in particular may suit your needs.

  3. Augusto Says:

    I really like WordPress, but recently my site was hacked because of a security flaw in it. The version I had was an upgrade to another version that was vulnerable. I didn’t know I had to upgrade all the time … if it wasn’t for my google ads I wouldn’t have noticed somebody inserted invisible links to the footer of my site :-(

    There’s an automatic upgrade plugin, but it requires you give your username and password to your ftp (not even sftp) to a 3rd party, which seems like a really bad idea.

    The thing is, there are no good alternatives. I’d be glad to see if anybody has found anything comparable feature wise.

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