I’m still finding this site to be unmanageably slow at times. One other trick that’s been suggested is to install eAccelerator to cache the compiled PHP scripts. (WP-cache only caches the output pages.) I’ve now done that. At first glance it does feel like a dramatic speed-up, but we’ll have to see how it handles under load. Please holler if anything seems broken.

The install was shockingly easy for a Unix server program: took me about ten minutes total including time to write this entry. That’s less time than it took me to install PHP in the first place.

Things do seem to be faster, though I’m still seeing occasional timeouts requesting pages. I really wish there were some decent profiling and logging tools that could tell me exactly where the system is bottlenecking.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Since you’re a Java guy, have you considered running your WordPress installation under Caucho’s Resin / Quercus? You’d get the automatic caching of the PHP content as they get compiled into bytecode and the JVM’s gradual performance optimization of bytecode hot spots. I’ve gotten good mileage out of it on internal web sites where I had the option of replacing the underlying PHP infrastructure.

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