Vista Slow to recognize the Belkin Flip

I have a couple of Belkin Flip KVM switches, one I use to switch between a MacBook Pro and a Linux desktop (Ubuntu Dapper) and another I use to switch between a MacBook and a Vista Dell. Switching to the Macs or to Linux is almost instantaneous. However, the PC takes maybe 30 seconds before it will recognize the keyboard and mouse. (The monitor is usually asleep until it the keyboard or mouse wakes it up.) Any ideas?

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  1. Andrzej Taramina Says:

    If you can’t convert the Vista POS to Ubuntu, then upgrade it to XP! ;-)

  2. David Says:

    I have the same issue and have not found a resolution. The same issue occurs when Vista resumes from sleep — it takes 30-45 secs for they USB keyboard and USB mouse to be recognized.

  3. Josh Says:

    Same problem here after we just “upgraded” to Vista, it takes 35 seconds. The other machine is Linux, and the keyboard/mouse work instantly upon switching to it.

  4. Sef Says:

    As I was googling to resolve the same issue (or seemingly), I’d like to report that it may not be Vista specifically, but I am having very similar problems.

    1. I’m KVM’ing over from my Mac Mini into a Windows XP machine, and it lags for around 10 seconds.
    2. XP sp3-> Mac is Very fast, right after the ‘click’ of the Belkin Flip.
    3. Mac -> XP sp3 will lag a minimum of 10 seconds. Long enough for me to hate it.
    4. When I’m switching to the XP during the login screen it is considerably faster… often 2 seconds. But it’s never fast after logged in.
    5. Using the physical button makes no difference over selecting “Flip All” from the Flip icon in the Mac’s title bar.
    6. These all lead me to believe it is some kind of “recognition frequency issue” on the XP side, and/or slowness of code for the XP side driver.

    I’m looking into it… I’m determined to fix it, or reach a dead end.
    Will report back with findings.

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