Classified Ads

Daily Science Fiction has published my latest short story, “Classified Ads“. It would take me longer to blurb it than it would to read it, so just go read it, OK?

One Response to “Classified Ads”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    The first entry in Lost and Found reminds me of the Ring-poem from Bored of the Rings:

    This ring, and no other, is made by the elves
    Who’d pawn their own mothers to grab it themselves.
    Ruler of mortal, creeper, and scallop,
    This is a sleeper that packs quite a wallop.
    The power almighty is in this One Ring,
    The power, alrighty, to do your own thing.
    If broken or busted, it cannot be remade;
    If found, send to Sorhed (the postage is prepaid).

    Also, it’s “Cybele”, pronounced “SIB-a-lee”. “Cybelle” makes it look like “SIGH-belle”.