#543-#554 Before Breakfast

Today I woke up at 5:30 AM, grabbed my binoculars, walked upstairs, and ticked off 11 life birds (or 12 if you count a heard only birds) with my morning coffee. The first was a Golden Hooded Tanager. I didn’t get a picture of this one, so how about this shot of number four, a somewhat less impressive but more cooperative Palm Tanager:

Palm Tanager perched

Needless to say this wasn’t in the United States. Rather I’m down in Central America at Panama’s Canopy Tower for the next seven days or so.

Before breakfast we had spotted 14 species of birds of which 11 were lifers:

  1. Gray-headed Kite
  2. Mississippi Kite
  3. White-necked Jacobin
  4. Blue-chested Hummingbird
  5. Gartered Trogon
  6. Broad-billed Motmot
  7. Keel-billed Toucan
  8. Eastern Wood-Pewee
  9. Blackburnian Warbler
  10. Palm Tanager
  11. Plain-colored Tanager
  12. Golden-hooded Tanager
  13. Green Honeycreeper

Plus I heard a Western Slaty-Antshrike, but haven’t yet seen it.

The only ones I’d seen before in the U.S. were Eastern Wood-Pewee and Blackburnian Warbler. I could have seen Mississippi Kite at home as well, but until today I’d always managed to miss it. 12 lifers before breakfast!

And as a special lagniappe we also had a life mammal, the Three-toed Sloth:

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